Ferrari Dino 264



One of the most, if not THE most, beautiful car ever built…

And the price goes to Italy. Gosh, they know how to dress a motor appropriately or like in this case even more inappropriately, as the car is so unbelievably sexy to look at. You don’t need models for this one to make the car look good.

This is sex on wheels…

How we met? well… once again it was the movies, or rather a TV show. The Persuaders from the early 70s with Roger Moore and Tony Curtis. The latter played Danny Wilde and his car was the above Ferrari. The show didn’t kick off too well in the USA so there were only about 25 (give or take) episodes filmed, while in Europe they loved the show. Particular the German and French dubbed versions had a more humorous approach and quickly became very popular due to the good dialogue writing.

It probably was the combination of the setting of most of the show in southern France, Curtis’ sloppy character, the girls and the sun that made the car seem even more attractive.

If I would have tons of money but could only buy ONE car, This most likely would be my choice…


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